This week is your recovery week for bootcamp.

There are several reasons we take a week-off at the end of each three week phase of bootcamp.  I know a week away from scheduled workouts may seem counterintuitive to most other programs but I would put our camper’s retention and lack of injuries up against any Zumba, Body Pump, Kickboxing, or other fitness program available.

If you came to each workout and gave 100% to each day, a week off is exactly what your body needs right now.  Without scheduled recovery time, along with proper regeneration strategies your body will break down.  When your body begins to break down nagging injuries become more common i.e. tendonitis.  Suffering from colds and flus become the norm because your immune system can be easily compromised.  And without small scheduled breaks your brain/mind gets bored with the same routine.

This “week-off” is as much for your body as it is your mind.  I want you to feel fresh and ready to CRANK IT next Monday when we start our next phase of bootcamp.

Below are a few things you can do this week to prepare for our next phase of bootcamp.  If you feel like you still need to CRANK IT this week let me know and you can schedule a semi-private workout in my gym.

1. Myofascial Release – Foam roll or tennis ball roll your feet, hips, back, and chest.  If you need some instruction watch this video of me going through a full rolling program.

2. Add static and dynamic stretching before you go to bed.  Bed time is a great time to stretch because it relaxes your body and helps to relax your mind as well.

3. Eat only Protein, Produce and Drink water and/or Green Tea.  Skip most things that come out of a box or a bag (fast food).  Try to eat and drink items with less than four ingredients.

4. Order your Prograde Protein, Workout, or Metabolism early this week so you can have it on your doorstep before our next phase of bootcamp.

5. Try a new activity that challenges both your mind and your body.  Yoga, Pilates, swimming (only if you know how), or play a sport.

Think of this week as a reward for your hard work.  Let me know if you have any questions or need some ideas.

We will talk soon.

Committed to Your Success,


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