Reasons-to-Keep-Track-of-Your-Workouts-Pinnacle-Performance-and-FitnessWe all have personal fitness and performance goals that we’re working toward. And when you have fitness goals, you have a lot to gain from keeping some type of workout log.

Here are a few reasons to keep track of your workouts:

1. Add Structure to Your Workouts

Keeping a workout log adds structure to your workout routine. Once you start keeping track of your workouts, it helps you plan how to tackle your fitness goals. You’ll begin to find patterns in your workout routine that give you cues on how to modify your plan in the future.

2. Increase Accountability

Keeping track of your workouts can increase accountability. Rather than having a “pretty good” idea of how often you work out, a workout log allows you to actually see your schedule. As you track your workouts, you’ll begin to notice the gaps or empty days where you might’ve skipped out on a workout.

3. Record Data and Notes

The way you set up your workout log is entirely up to you. You only need to record the data you want to track, not the data you think you should track. You can choose to record data, such as weight lifted, workout minutes, steps taken, max heart rate, etc. Recording measurable data and then seeing how it changes over time can increase the effectiveness of your workouts. You’ll know what’s working and what you might need to change. And if you’re not that into data, you can also keep track of notes on what you did or how you felt.

4. Measure Progress and Maintain Motivation

Keeping a workout log is one way that you can measure your progress toward your goals. Many times, we’ll set fitness goals only to forget about them. But when you track your workouts, you have a tangible way to measure your progress. Consistently working toward your goals and seeing the results on paper is a great way to maintain your motivation. Seeing how far you’ve come can reinforce the idea that your hard work does pay off while reminding you of why it’s important.

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