Tips-to-Create-a-Workout-Habit-Pinnacle-Performance-and-FitnessHave you ever planned a workout and found yourself making a million excuses to skip it? In a previous post, we shared these five tips on how to create a long-term fitness habit:

1. Start Where You (Really) Are.
2. Define Your Purpose.
3. Set Specific Goals.
4. Create Short Term Objectives.
5. Track Your Progress.

And today, we’re sharing five more tips to help you create a workout habit:

6. Set a Schedule

Between work, family, and many other life responsibilities, it can be challenging to make time for a workout. Set a specific time each day that you can devote to your workout. This could be mornings, evenings, mid-day lunch break, etc. Establishing a schedule that best incorporates your workout into your daily schedule will make it easier to develop a regular habit.

7. Try New Things

It’s unnecessary to get stuck on one form of exercise, or one specific type of workout. Try exploring a variety of workouts to find the one (or a few) that resonates well with you. This may include functional fitness classes, weekend runs, and bike rides, swimming, barbell clubs, etc. By finding workouts you enjoy, you will be more likely to exercise regularly.

8. Accountability

Find a method of accountability. When establishing a workout habit, it can be beneficial to have an external source of accountability. Join a gym, find a workout partner, use an app on your phone or watch. Any additional reinforcement will help keep you motivated and help you stay on track.

9. Make a Playlist

Music can be extremely beneficial in helping to establish a good workout routine. Create a playlist that gets you excited about an upcoming class or workout. Include songs that inspire you, motivate you, or just make you smile. Add a variety of tempos and genres that will inspire you to make it to the gym.

10. Stay Focused On Today

When establishing a workout habit, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Don’t think about tomorrow’s workout. Stay focused on the specific workout for today. By focusing on each daily workout, you will gradually progress into making it a habit.

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