4-Things-Beyond-Your-Control-and-Why-You-Should-Let-Go-of-Them-Pinnacle-Performance-and-FitnessIt’s impossible to control all the things, but it can be so easy to dwell on those things that are beyond our control. Somehow, our minds tell us that if we think about these things long enough, life will simply start to go our way. As if our worrying and ceaseless fretting can change the outcome of specific events.

Here are just a few of the things beyond your control, and why it’s a good idea to let go of them:

The Past

Obviously, we have no control over the past. And yet we worry about it so much. Sometimes the best way to handle your past is to let things go. Try not to get stuck on that thing you said yesterday. Or the stuff that happened this morning. Learn what you can from past experiences and move on.

Life Changes

Change is one of the only constants in life. And being able to change, adapt, and roll with the punches is an acquired skill. Change should be dealt with healthily and with an understanding that you will make it through. When we learn to let go of things we can’t change, we see our daily lives improved through the relief of stress and worry.

Other People’s Opinions

It’s difficult to change someone’s opinion of you; it’s almost impossible. Feeling as though someone has a poor opinion of you can be a huge source of stress. So what can you do? Remind yourself that another person’s opinion is beyond your control. Stay true to who you are and spend more time with people who value who you are.

The Future

Just like the past, the future is pretty much out of your control. Though you can plan and adjust, unexpected change can arrive at any time and knock a plan right off of its intended course. Try to adopt a flexible mindset and trust that no matter what the future holds, you’ll manage it.

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