The holidays have come and gone!

The lights, trees and decorations are all coming down.

We can breathe a little easier now without the commitments and all the racing around the holidays bring about.

We can begin to get back to “normal”.

What was “normal”?

Was normal:

We hit the snooze ⏰ so many times that we missed our morning workout?

Drinking our breakfast/coffee ☕️ with all the fixings?

Eating the donuts, cookies, cake etc… that were dropped off at the office? 🍩🍪🎂

Eating a big lunch with cheese, bread and fried foods? 🍔🍟

Having a few drinks after work? 🥃🍸🍺

Eating a large dinner with little or no vegetables?

Staying up too late to watch…

Some of these habits were normal for me.

How about hitting the Reset button on what was normal?

Maybe we could:

Wake up when our alarm goes off ready to take on the day.

Skip breakfast or eat a breakfast that combines protein and produce.🍳🥑🥝

Say “No thank you”, to the sugary snacks at the office.

Eat protein and colorful produce for lunch. A lunch that gives us energy rather than takes away our energy. 🥗🥩

Skip happy hour and replace it with a walk with a friend or family member. 🏃🏽‍♀️

Sit down to eat dinner off of a plate (not out of a bag) at home with protein and colorful produce. 🥦🐟

Follow our sleep routine to get to bed on time.

Now is the perfect time of year to hit the reset button and upgrade our habits and routines.  

We will feel better about ourselves for following a more disciplined path and our bodies will also look and feel better because we are taking better care of it.

If you haven’t hit the reset button for 2023 and know you need accountability, coaching and a program to follow let me know. Pinnacle is offering a 40-day Reset to get you refocused and feeling in control again.  Click here to register or if you have questions give Lydia a call at 361-985-0631.


Don’t miss this opportunity to get refocused and back on track.

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