Many times we get caught up in the big end goal.

“Lose 25 pounds.”

“Pay off my credit card.”

“Run a 5K.”

These are all great goals, but they are sometimes too big to motivate us.

Focusing on smaller more process driven goals can help us reach our bigger goals.  It is like breaking the big goal into its smaller pieces.

For instance, if our goal is to lose 25 pounds a process goal would be to begin tracking what we are eating each and every day.

That way we know how many calories we are taking in.

Once we know this information we can see if we have been eating and drinking too much to lose that 25lbs and make adjustments.

Same goes for paying off our credit card.  We can begin tracking our spending and budget our expenses so that we can set aside money to pay off the credit card.

It is the processes that are going to help us reach our goals. 

Instead of focusing on the end result, we may want to turn our focus to the process/steps that are going to take us there.

If you know where to start, but are struggling to hold yourself accountable, we can help with that as well.

Go to and let us help you make progress on your process.

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