Reasons-to-Take-Your-Workout-Outside-Pinnacle-Performance-and-FitnessFor some people, the motivation and purpose they have for following a consistent workout routine comes from all the health benefits that result from regular physical activity. At the same time, enjoying your workout can play a big role in building that consistency.

Participating in group classes goes a long way in making your workouts fun, as well as effective. And the option to work out outdoors with a group of people who encourage and support you just adds to that enjoyment factor.

Whether you’re working out on your own or as part of a group, here are just a few of the reasons to take your workout outside:

1. Variety

Doing a workout outside a great way to mix up your routine. You’ll still get all the benefits of an indoor group class or gym workout. But you’ll also get the added benefit of variety. In an outdoor workout, you can target strength-building movements using your bodyweight or minimal pieces of equipment, making for an effective workout environment.

2. Sunshine and Vitamin D

Outdoor exercise is one way that you can get your vitamin D through sunlight. (Just don’t forget your sunscreen!) Spending time outdoors and getting Vitamin D from the sun strengthens your bones as well as your immune system. At the same time, exposure to the sun naturally increases serotonin levels in your body, improving your mood.

3. Mental Well-Being

Being outside and spending time in nature has positive effects on your mental well-being. Many people experience a decrease in their stress and anxiety levels after spending time or working out outside. Participating in an outdoor bootcamp or other group workout class can also lead to brain-boosting benefits like improved mood and increased creativity.

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