Take-a-Mindful-Workout-Approach-Pinnacle-Performance-and-FitnessMindfulness and mindset – what do these have to do with working out? Everything!

Taking a more mindful approach to any activity can help you get more out of that experience. And this includes your workouts. A mindful approach is focusing on the current moment and letting go of distractions. It can be focusing on yourself rather than comparing yourself to others. Or perhaps it’s paying attention to what you’re able to do in the gym today instead of what you could do ten years ago.

Making mindfulness a part of your workouts leads to:

  • Building the connection between mind and body
  • Feeling more intentional and purposeful about the work you put in at the gym
  • Greater satisfaction after completing a tough workout
  • Maintaining motivation and seeing results

Here are three ways to take a more mindful workout approach:

1. Pay attention to your breathing.

Where is your mind when you start a workout? Depending on the day you’ve been having, it might not be in a great place. Instead of focusing on your workout, your mind might keep drifting to the daily stress of the day. One way you bring that attention back to your body and your workout is by paying attention to your breathing. When your mind wanders, focus on your inhales and exhales. Let everything else go.

2. Remind yourself of “the why” behind your goals.

It’s common before a yoga class for the teacher to ask you to set an intention for the next sixty minutes. A gym workout really isn’t that different. Before you start your workout of the day, set an intention. Remind yourself what brought you to the gym. Why is this important to you? As you work out, come back to your intention.

3. Focus on moving well and proper form.

Similar to using breathing to direct your attention during a workout, focusing on your form can have a similar effect. Instead of letting your mind go wherever it wants to, give it something productive to think about. Think about how you’re moving and make adjustments to improve your movements and form.

By practicing a more mindful approach in your workouts, it can encourage you to apply this skill to other areas of your life. Not only will you start to see changes in your workouts, but you’ll also notice them in your daily life.

The coaches at Pinnacle Performance and Fitness in Corpus Christi are here to help you connect your goals to how you train, move, eat, and live. To learn more about getting started, contact us today.