Reasons-to-Slow-Down-and-Breathe-Pinnacle-Performance-and-FitnessBreathing is a simple, involuntary action that we do all the time, and we’re not even aware it’s happening. But this automatic process has a significant amount of power over our health, daily life, and stress level.

It’s easy to forget that you’re even breathing at all. But then, something unexpected or stressful happens, and you react by shortening your breath.

This change in your breathing sets off a full-blown stress response in your body. However, slowing down and taking deep, meaningful breaths can help with controlling stress, anger, and other negative emotions.

The next time you’re feeling stressed, pressured, or upset, here are a few reasons to slow down and take some deep breaths:

1. Breathing decreases blood pressure.

When you’re stressed, your blood pressure tends to rise, leading to tightness in your muscles. Deep breaths slowly decrease your blood pressure and relax your muscles.

2. Breathing helps you regain control.

When you’re upset, your breathing can become short or hitched. Taking control by purposefully controlling your breath slows this process down and allows you to regain control.

3. Breathing improves your posture.

As you practice your deep breathing, you’ll notice yourself starting to sit upright to open your airway. An open airway makes it easier to breathe and relax. Good posture tends to extend and remain present in your daily life.

4. Breathing provides mental clarity.

As deep breathing is a form of meditation, it naturally leads to a higher state of mental clarity. Taking a moment each day to focus on your breathing clears your mind, and the more you practice, the easier it becomes.

When you’re feeling pushed to your limits, remember to take a moment and just breathe.

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