When reducing the number of calories we consume, where will we get the biggest bang for our buck?

Reduce or eliminate alcohol.  This one choice could have the biggest impact on our weight.  Fewer empty calories.  Less interrupted sleep.  Reduced poor food and portion choices.

Reduce or eliminate sugary drinks.  Flavored coffees, sports drinks, sodas do not make us feel full, but in some instances the number of calories from these drinks can range from a snack to a full meal.

Reduce or eliminate highly processed foods. Most highly processed food is high in fat and sugar.  These foods are engineered to hit the pleasure centers of our brain and make us crave more.  These are also usually calorically dense foods, but not nutritionally dense.  

Consume more veggies and fruits.  Veggies and fruits are lower in total calories.  High in fiber, vitamins and nutrients.  They will not interrupt your sleep or lead to poor decisions.  

Eat more lean protein like cold water fish, lean beef, turkey, tempeh and more. 

Add healthy fats like avocados, nut butters, cold water fish, and more.  Limit portion size as fats have more than 2x’s the number of calories per gram.  9 calories to be exact. 

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