Refresh-Physically-and-Mentally-Pinnacle-Performance-and-FitnessHave you been working away on your computer (with ten to fifteen open tabs) and end up on a website where the page looks a little funny? Some of the images aren’t there, or the page is only partially loaded. Usually, the best fix for this is to refresh the page. After a refresh, the images appear, and the page loads as it should.

Much like a webpage, your body and your mind both need an occasional refresh. Doing even a quick reset can help you maintain quality output throughout your day.

Here are a few ways to hit that reset button and refresh physically and mentally:

1. Breathe

Breathing is probably the quickest and simplest way to hit the reset button. Taking a few moments to focus on your breath can calm your body and your mind.

2. Meditate

Echoing the benefits of breathing, meditation is another way to regain a sense of quiet and calm during a stressful day. Take a few minutes to breathe and simply pay attention to your thoughts.

3. Work Out

Moving your body can help release any built-up muscle tension. Plus, you’ll get the post-workout endorphins that can improve your mood and promote more positivity for the rest of your day.

4. Listen to a Favorite Playlist

Music is a matter of personal preference. And we all have that one song or playlist that is our go-to for dealing with stress or reenergizing throughout the day. So, turn up the volume and dance, sing, or just enjoy!

5. Journal

If you discover that your thoughts won’t stop replaying in your mind, take a few minutes to journal. Writing down those continuous thoughts is like a data dump and can free up space for new ideas to enter your mind.

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