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Join us for our 45-Minute In-Person and 30-Minute At-Home/Online Total Body Strength and Metabolic training workouts for busy adults who don’t have time to workout, but know that they need to. These workouts are designed to help our clients burn a ton of calories, build strength, reduce their chances of getting injured and do so in the gym or in the comfort of their own homes. These Smart Group Personal Training sessions can also be individualized for clients who have issues with their knees, backs, wrists, etc. All fitness levels are welcome. Each exercise that we prescribe has three different levels of intensity and various lateralizations to accommodate clients with injuries or limitations.

This is not a one size fits all workout. And our coaches have over 25+ years combined coaching experience. You won’t find a more highly qualified Team of coaches in South Texas to help you reach your fitness goals. Each client becomes like family to us. A Pinnacle Family!


Do you struggle with information overload when it comes to what to eat?
Do you know what to eat, but struggle with the willpower to stay focused?
Do you go “All-In” for a few days and then give up when you go off the rails with a fun night out?
Have you tried it all and had some success but only for a brief period of time?
If you answered “Yes” to any or all of the above, you are not alone.
Before finding us, many of our clients felt this way.
Through our years of education, certifications and coaching we have created a successful nutrition coaching program based on research, logic and coaching.
You will not be left to your own devices. You will receive an individualized nutrition coaching plan based on your goals, dietary preferences, past struggles, current activity and exercise intensity.
You can expect professional coaching with weekly check-ins from an internationally certified coach who will keep you focused for long term success.
No more justifying or rationalizing away your dreams of being healthy and lean.
We can help you get started and stay on the path.

If you are ready to be fully supported, but don’t know where to start, fill out the form and we will contact you shortly. We will be with you every step of the way. Schedule your free consultation today.


Are you tired of going to the gym?
Would you prefer to workout from home while still getting the highest quality coaching and support available?
Would you like a nutrition plan based on science and yet flexible enough to accommodate most dietary preferences?
Are you ready to start the next chapter of your life healthy, strong and resilient?
Pinnacle’s online fitness and nutrition coaching program is for you.
No more wasted time traveling to a gym
Anytime “Walkie Talkie” access to your coach
Individualized nutrition plan to fit your own specific goals and dietary preferences
Customized training/workout programs to fit your goals and expectations
Weekly checkin’s
Daily accountability
No guesswork

If you are ready to eliminate the excuses for why you can’t be in the best shape of your adult life, Pinnacle’s online fitness and nutrition coaching program is for you.

Fill out the free consultation form below and we will contact you shortly.