The new year is the perfect time to hit the reset button.
Many of the routines and habits we created the last several months of the year have not healthy for us.

Many of us moved away from eating mostly protein and produce and instead indulged ourselves with a few too many sweets and treats.

Others of us hit the snooze a few to many times and skipped our workouts.  This has made working out a challenge in the new year.
Some of us (me 🤚) are still binging on shows that we started watching during the holidays. Watching these shows sometimes happens before bed and can cause us to go to bed later than we usually would.  Which can lead to missing our workout the next morning and consuming more calories because when we get less sleep our hunger pangs are more profound.

Now is the time to reset a few of these habits and routines that may not be working for us any longer.
Now is the time make these positive changes as we are starting fresh in a new year.
Changing habits and routines time and effort.

When making these changes we face obstacles and that threaten to derail us from building that health strong body and mind we know we want.

This is why Pinnacle created The Reset. To support those of us who want to upgrade our habits around:

✅ Sleep
✅ Nutrition
✅ Exercise
✅ Breathing/Relaxing
✅ And growing as a person

This 40-day Reset program is just what you need to get refocused and will provide you with the structure, tools ,and accountability to push through any limiting beliefs that might be holding you back to make 2023 your healthiest and strongest year yet!
For more information and to register click here.
Let’s get you started!

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