With the holidays about to kick off I thought it might be a good time to begin laying out a few strategies to help you thrive during the Holiday Season.  Each week I will be writing about a Holiday survival strategy that will set you up for success going into the new year.
Let’s get started!Set Realistic Goals—While it is a noble goal to lose 20 pounds by the end of the year, it is not realistic. In order to lose that kind of weight, you would have to make major changes to your lifestyle, including essentially starving yourself and exercising more than your body might be able to handle. This extreme of a goal is setting yourself up for failure and a very stressful holiday season.
A more realistic goal might be to maintain your current weight, or to lose 2 pounds a month, which is 1 pound every other week. When you manage your expectations, you can find a goal that is challenging but very much doable, and when you reach your goal, you will be motivated to continue to the next stage.
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