Get-Results-with-Commitment-Pinnacle-Performance-and-FitnessFitness results come from commitment. By creating a consistent fitness habit, then you’re increasing your chances of achieving success.

Here are five ways to boost your motivation and commitment to doing what it takes to get results:

1. Find Something Fun

You don’t have to love every single minute of every workout. That’s not realistic. However, if you hate everything about your current workout routine, then it will be more challenging to stay committed. Instead, find something that’s fun. Fun can mean different things to different people, so find your own version of fun. Maybe it’s the people that you work out with, or that you learn something new every week.

2. Add Variety but Expect Monotony

One of the benefits of group fitness training programs is the variety. Your coach is always mixing things up, so you don’t get bored. Just remember that some days might not feel as exciting as the day before. When you’re in the process of developing a consistent habit, part of that process might feel monotonous. When you start to feel bored, direct your focus to the variety within each workout. And if you feel like the monotony is taking over, then try working out at a new time or with a new instructor.

3. Set SMART Goals

Setting SMART goals gives you something to work toward in the future. It’s easier to commit to a concrete goal than a vague idea of where you hope to be in a few weeks of months. Once you have a specific goal, you’ll also be more motivated to hold yourself accountable to that goal.

4. Track Your Progress

Keeping a training log where you track your progress over time helps you stay committed to your goals. A training log gives you concrete evidence of everything you’ve done and accomplished in the past. On the days that you feel like you’re not making any progress, you can look back at where you were months or even weeks before. A training log helps you see how far you’ve come and can help you stay committed to making future gains.

5. Balance Hard Work with Recovery

A key component of any fitness routine is recovery. Skipping recovery can take its toll and eventually lead to decreased motivation, poor quality sleep, and even burnout. Make sure that you’re taking time to rest and recover from your more intense workouts.

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