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Your Burning Questions Answered

We have set online and in-person class times and our personal training times are set between the client and the coach. Most days we are open at 5:30am and close between 4:30pm and 6:30pm Monday through Friday. On Saturdays, we offer classes online.

We are located inside of One Fit Gym 438 Robert Street, Corpus Christi, TX 78412

Smart Group Personal Training came out of wanting something better than “bootcamp” for our clients. Bootcamp workouts are random exercises that are thrown together to make people tired. We build programs that make people move better, feel better and look great. There is nothing random about the design of our programs. Each movement/exercise has a purpose. Each is designed to have a specific impact on our clients bodies. Some days it is more strength based. Other days it is more cardiovascular intense. We change our program every 5-weeks so our clients never plateau.

See above. This description is also true for our semi-private and 1-1 personal training clients.

Our coaches have over 20 plus years of combined experience working with adult fitness clients as well as youth performance clients. Our coaches have degrees from accredited universities, hold multiple certifications such as the Strong First Level 2 Instructor certification and the Certified Strength and Conditioning Certification (CSCS) from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. In addition to the certificates our coaches are always striving to improve by reading and writing. Our coaches not only know great exercises but they are highly professional and strive to build great relationships with all of our clients.

We do not currently have an open gym policy.

We offer a 20% discount to educators, military, first responders, and spouses.

If it is seriously painful it is best to have your doctor, chiropractor or physical therapist evaluate you and make sure you are ready to join an exercise program. If you are cleared to participate, we will take you through a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to see if you have any compensatory movement issues that need to be addressed. We can modify most any movement/exercise to allow you to participate at the appropriate level. We request that you let our coaches know what your needs are ahead of time.

Yes, we discuss nutrition and goal setting with all of our clients.

Yes, we do. See below:

If you feel ill/sick, stay home. Even if you don’t think it is COVID-19, the gym is not a place you need to be if you are feeling sick.

All clients must sign the Assumption of Risk Waiver before working out in the gym. See link to download initial and sign


All clients must reserve on Zen Planner for their group training sessions. Clients will not be required to check in when you get to the gym. Coaches will check in clients.

Masks and gloves will NOT be required during workouts. Please wear your masks when entering the gym.

Clients can clean/sanitize their equipment after using it or place it in the “Unsanitized area” designated for all equipment that has NOT been sanitized. Coach Sarah will sanitize all unsanitized equipment following each group and personal training session.

We will be using Dutrion tablets to sanitize the equipment. For more information about Dutrion tablets you can go to:

Group workouts/sessions will continue to be 30-minutes long to reduce the amount of possible exposure time.

In-Person sessions (SGPT) have been reduced to three sessions per week to reduce the frequency of possible exposure. We will have 3-Live Online Group Personal Training (OGPT) sessions per week and 6 recorded OGPT sessions sent out on our private Facebook page and in an email. Below is a link to view the new schedule:

Clients are welcome to come in before their sessions and do tissue quality work as long as they practice social distancing.

Group sessions will also be limited to 11 clients to ensure proper social distancing. It is going to be important for every client who wishes to participate to reserve their spot for each in-person session.

To reduce and eliminate the transmission of germs, clients will no longer share equipment. Clients will work in their designated pods for the duration of the workout.

Clients who borrowed equipment may continue to keep the equipment but we ask that if you do an in-person workout that you bring the dumbbells or kettlebells with you to the gym. You can take them home with you afterward. We just need the extra equipment so everyone can have equipment to workout with.

Fans will not be run during workouts to reduce the amount of airflow across the gym.

Clients will ONLY use the FRONT entrance of One Fit Gym to enter and exit the gym. The back/side door will no longer be a point of entrance or exit for Pinnacle clients.

Hand sanitizer will be stationed at the entrance/exit of the gym for all clients.

The lounge (area with the couches) will be closed for now. Workout folders will be moved out into the gym.

Bring a full water bottle as the water station in the gym may not always be sanitary.

Follow along recorded online sessions will go out Monday through Saturday at 5am on our private Facebook page and in email. Live online sessions will be MWF 5:45am. T/Th at 6:35am and Saturday at 7:30am.