Dream Big, Act Small


It is great to dream big but dreaming alone won’t make our dreams come true.  Action can make our dreams come true.  Taking small intentional steps everyday will move us closer to what we desire.

It is the everyday actions that will allow us to reach our dreams.  

Acting Small can look like:

Adding a fistful of veggies at each meal. 🥗

Eating slowly and without electronics on. 📱 📺 

Moving with purpose at least 10 minutes a day. 💪

Spending 5-10 minutes in the morning sunlight. ☀️

Saving $25 a week. 💵

Parking the car a little further away to get a few more steps in. 🚶🏻‍♀️

Making our room as dark as possible so you can get better sleep. 😴

Waking up when your alarm goes off. ⏰

Making the bed every morning. 🛌

Drinking water first thing in the morning. 🚰

The small consistent action is more important than the initial impact.  Over time we will begin to see the impact if we look for it on the scale, in our bank accounts, in our relationships, in our quality of sleep, etc.  

The other cool thing is, these small changes ripple into other areas of our lives.   Many times the small daily habit evolves into another habit that has slightly more of an impact and more momentum is gained.  It is this momentum that helps to keep us going.

What is one small step that you can commit to everyday that may move you closer to your goal.  

I would NOT recommend committing to the first idea that pops into your head.  Break that idea into its parts and pick the easiest task and start there.  The easier the better.

If you need help getting started, don’t hesitate contact me.

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