Corpus Christi, residence, why don’t we move more?

We may not see the differences in our body while exercising, but with each workout session (think multiple weeks, months, quarters, years) positive changes to our bodies become VERY noticeable both inside and out.  

Below are a few benefits that we can can expect when we exercise consistently (2-5 times per week)

⬇️ Blood Pressure

⬇️ Total body fat (shrink fat cells)

⬇️ Fat in our blood (lipids)

⬇️ The risk of becoming a Type-2 Diabetic

⬆️ Our aerobic capacity (endurance)

⬆️ Endorphins and dopamine (feel good biochemicals)

⬆️ Our mental and emotional capacity

⬆️ Our outlook on life

⬇️ Anxiety and improve cognition 

⬇️ The feelings of depression

⬆️ Lean muscle tissues which burns more calories while we are not exercising

⬆️ Bone density and strength

⬇️ The chances of getting certain types of cancer

⬆️ Our mobility, stability, balance and total body strength

⬆️ Our sleep

⬆️ The ability to do daily activities

The two biggest reasons/excuses/lies I hear people say why they don’t workout is:

“I don’t have time”.

“I don’t know where to start.”

We have time.  If we were to pull out our phones and look at how much time we spent on social media or streaming services in a day or week, it would reveal hours that we had available to exercise.  If we were a little more organized we could make time. Also, our alarm clock would go off as early as we set it.  Maybe we could set the alarm clock 30-minutes earlier and get a quick 15-20 minute workout before the day even begins.

As far as not knowing “where to start”, walking is a great place to start.  No gym membership needed. No need to drive anywhere. No special equipment other than a pair of shoes.  Walking may not be social media worthy unless we post it everyday for a month, 6-months, a year, two years etc….  Consistency is rare these days.  Consistency can attract followers. So I hear.

The benefits SO outweigh taking a few minutes to organize our schedule a little bit better and to pick an activity and start.

I am using exercise as the example here, but we could put almost anything that we need to improve on that is worthwhile and fit it in here.

Finances – take the time to create a budget and track it weekly.  Just get started.

Relationships – create time to be intentional with our loved ones.  Just get started. 

It doesn’t have to be perfect when starting out. 

It might even be a little messy, but with time it will refine itself if we stick with it.


What is important to you, but you are not making time for it and don’t know where to start?

Start there.

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