Developing-a-Positive-Workout-Mindset-Pinnacle-Performance-and-FitnessDo you view your workouts as a task you have to do? Or is a workout something you get to do? If you only see your workouts as something you have to do, like taking out the trash or going to the dentist, it can hold you back from creating a consistent workout routine.

A positive mindset increases your chances of achieving your personal fitness goals and building a healthy and sustainable habit around working out. Here are some of the common challenges to developing a positive workout mindset:

1. You haven’t found a workout or activity that you enjoy.

It’s much easier to start a workout in a positive mindset when it’s an activity you enjoy. If you despise running but continue your weekly treadmill workouts, then it’s going to be really tough to change your mindset. Try something different. Group classes are a great alternative. You’ll find yourself surrounded by positive people you’ll look forward to training with.

2. Your current approach is too rigid.

Creating a structured plan and sticking to it can be a successful way to build a habit. However, if that plan is too regimented, the rigidity might end up holding you back. For example, if you tell yourself that you’ll work out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but you get stuck at work on Wednesday evening, and you miss your workout. Rather than feeling disappointed in yourself for missing your planned workout, come up with a plan B. Maybe you could add a Thursday workout or take a walk after dinner with your partner. Being open to these alternatives keeps your workouts a thing you choose to do (instead of something you have to do).

3. You’re not seeing any progress.

Some fitness goals can take several months to achieve. And there may not be a tangible way to see the progress you’ve made up to this point. When you don’t see improvement, you might begin to wonder if there’s any point in continuing. One way to chart your progress is by keeping a workout log. This workout record can help you maintain a positive mindset because you’re able to look back at where you were several weeks ago and see how far you’ve come.

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