How-to-Create-Your-Own-Morning-Routine-Pinnacle-Performance-and-FitnessOver the past several months, many of us have transitioned to doing more at home, including work, going to school, and working out. These changes have led to more people discovering the value of a consistent morning routine.

Following a morning routine can help set you up for a productive and positive day. Not only will you get more done, but you’ll also be in a better mindset as you do it.

Here are a few suggestions on how to create your own morning routine:

1. There is no magic formula.

The key to a successful morning routine isn’t to duplicate someone else’s process. Instead, it’s finding the routine that works best for you. Your routine might look completely different from someone else’s, and that’s more than acceptable. If you’re a coffee drinker, you don’t have to switch to tea. If you don’t really like smoothies, you don’t have to drink them. Stick with the tasks and activities that align with your personal lifestyle and preferences.

2. Plan out your routine with specific steps.

As you create your morning routine, try to be as specific as possible with each step. Instead of, “wake up, stretch, journal, eat breakfast, start work,” add more detail to your routine:

  • Wake up at 6am.
  • Do five minutes of floor stretches.
  • Journal for ten minutes and include three things that to be grateful for.
  • Work out for an hour at home – 6:30am virtual workout
  • Eat a light breakfast of a banana, almond butter, and toast.
  • Get ready for work and begin working at 8:00am.

3. Give yourself time to refine your routine.

Once you have a list of tasks to include in your routine, give yourself some time to try things out and refine it as needed. You won’t really know if your morning routine is working until you’ve gone through it a few times. Maybe you figure out that you need to mix up the order of your tasks. Or you planned on journaling, but then decided you get more out of meditating. Keep your routine flexible and be open to changes wherever necessary.

Remember that you can always make adjustments to your routine to best suit your specific lifestyle, goals, and schedule.

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