Create-a-Long-Term-Fitness-Habit-Pinnacle-Performance-and-FitnessWhen it comes to forming a sustainable workout habit, you might have the best intentions but lack the tools you need to be successful.

Here are seven strategies to support you in your efforts to create a long term fitness habit:

1. Start Where You (Really) Are.

When you’re getting back into a regular fitness routine, it can be easy to try and pick up wherever you last left off (even if that was one, five, or ten years ago). Rather than jumping in and doing more than your body is ready for, start small. Err on the side of doing less than what you’re capable of doing, rather than too much.

2. Define Your Purpose.

Having a clear idea of “why” you’re getting out of bed at 5 am can help you ignore the snooze button. You might have a general idea of why you want to be fit, but taking the time to write down your rationale can be the boost your motivation needs at those times where you’re tempted to skip a workout.

3. Set Specific Goals.

Working to “lose weight” or “get healthy” are goals that will get you headed in the right direction. However, to create a lasting fitness habit, take a goal like “lose weight” and make it more specific. For example, “I will lose ten pounds by the end of this year by going to the gym for 60 minutes, four days a week.”

4. Create Short Term Objectives.

Once you have a long term goal defined, it’s also helpful to create smaller goals that will show that you’re making progress. Every time you achieve a smaller target, you’ll get a dose of success that can keep you driving toward the future goal you’ve set for yourself.

5. Track Your Progress.

Writing down your long term goals and short term objectives gives you something concrete to refer to. Tracking your workouts in a log or journal also gives you a way to see your results over time and helps you visualize your gains. Your workout log can come in handy on those days that you feel like you’re just stuck on the same fitness level you’ve always been.

6. Make a Plan for Setbacks.

At some point, your consistent fitness routine will get run off the rails. And the cause will probably be outside of your control. You’ll have to take an unexpected business trip, you’ll get sick or one of your kids will get sick, or you’ll be too tired and stressed to keep the routine going. Setbacks will happen, and the best thing you can do is have a plan for how to get back on track. For example, if you go out of town, plan on getting to the gym the first morning after you get back in town.

7. Find Something You Enjoy.

Because you’re creating a long-term fitness habit, focus on doing activities that you enjoy. If you’re forcing yourself to run and you don’t enjoy it, find something else. You’re more likely to stick to something when you’re enjoying it!

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