Each time we reach for a carbohydrate food, we want to add some type of protein source with it.
What are some examples of this idea?
Apple (carb) + Peanut Butter (protein)
Slice of Whole Wheat Bread (carb) + Slice of Turkey (protein)
Fruit (carb) + Hard Boiled Egg (protein)
Veggie (carb) + Hummus (protein)
Berries (carb) + Greek Yogurt (protein)
The reason we want to complement our carbs with protein is to keep our blood sugars under control.
Carbs alone, even ones from fruits, whole grains, and veggies can spike our blood sugars and make us feel even hungrier than we were in just a few short hours.
Protein helps us feel fuller​ longer and helps to keep our blood sugars under control.
Next time you reach for a carb, compliment it with a protein.

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