Bounce-Back-from-a-Workout-Slump-Pinnacle-Performance-and-FitnessWe’ve all been there. One day your workouts are going well. And then the next day, it can feel like you’ve lost all motivation to work out. When this feeling sticks around, how can you turn things around?

Here are some ways to bounce back from a workout slump:

1. Focus on the quality of your workouts.

Try focusing on quality over quantity. If you’re working out every day and not really putting in your best efforts, you might be doing more harm than good. Instead, make quality training your priority. You might cut back on your total number of workouts, but you’re able to put more effort and energy into the workouts you choose to do.

2. Mix things up.

Another way to bounce back from a workout slump is to find ways to mix up your routine. Find new ways to challenge yourself. A great way to mix things up is to try a new workout, like a group fitness class.

3. Set or reset your fitness goals.

When was the last time you checked in on your fitness goals? Now is a great time to either set new goals or modify your old goals to be more in line with where you are on your fitness journey.

4. Get some online coaching.

For a more personalized approach to getting out of a rut, you might consider online coaching. With this option, you’ll work one-on-one with a coach who will develop a personalized training program just for you. It might be just what you need to bounce back.

5. Recruit a workout buddy.

Recruiting a workout buddy is also a great way to get some excitement and motivation back into your workout routine. Having a workout buddy creates a reliable source of support and encouragement.

6. Check-in on your daily habits.

The drop in your energy and motivation might be due to stress or other lifestyle habits. If you’re feeling run down, make sure that you’re drinking plenty of water, making healthy food choices, and getting plenty of sleep.

7. Reflect on why working out is important.

It’s also helpful to take some time to reflect on why working out is important to you. Reminding yourself of the purpose behind your training can help restore some motivation.

8. Cut yourself some slack.

If you find yourself in a workout slump, don’t be too hard on yourself. Do what you can to work through it, and try to cut yourself some slack.

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