Bounce-Back-from-a-Lousy-Workout-Pinnacle-Performance-and-FitnessWhen you commit to a long-term fitness habit, you learn a lot about how your body responds to your workouts. Most of the time, that response is great! You end your workout feeling like you worked hard and made progress.

But there will be days where you might feel the opposite of good. For whatever reason, you feel awful from the moment you start moving. For the most part, it’s easy to shrug off those off-days. But some workouts might be tougher to shake. In this case, here are a few ways to bounce back from a lousy workout:

1. Understand that not every workout is going to be great.

First, it’s helpful to know that everyone has their off days. Despite your best efforts, not every workout is going to end up being great. And that’s okay! It’s part of the process. And learning how to move past the tough days is part of forming a consistent workout habit.

2. Know that your gains haven’t left you.

It’s normal to think when you feel bad during a workout that your fitness, strength, etc. has left you. But your gains don’t just disappear overnight. If you were feeling great earlier in the week, your body might be telling you that you need some extra rest and recovery.

3. Check-in with your nutrition and hydration.

After having an off day in the gym, check-in with your nutrition and hydration status. If you’re depleted in any way, it can affect how you feel during a workout. You might need to eat something or drink some more water to replenish your body’s stores.

4. Evaluate your stress levels.

Your body’s response to stress can show up in your workouts, as well. If you’re experiencing stress at work or another area of your life, it can transfer over to your workout performance. It’s great that you’re getting some physical activity, but you may need to back off a bit so that your body can manage what it’s going through.

5. Let the bad workouts go.

Once you finish your workout, tell yourself that it’s over, and then move on. Try not to ruminate on what you did wrong or what you should’ve done differently. Instead, focus on your recovery and moving on to the next part of your day.

6. Refuel your tank – literally and figuratively.

If you are feeling down and struggling with moving on, find ways to refuel your tank. Unplug for a little while and do something with your family or a few friends. Prepare a healthy dinner or go for a walk around your neighborhood. Read that book you’ve been meaning to get to or try to get an extra half hour of sleep. Focus on having fun and let everything else go!

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