I WANT MY $50!!!

I am keenly aware of the fact that without you there would be no Pinnacle Performance and Fitness. And I also know that if Pinnacle is going to stay in business and grow to what [...]


I know COOPERTITION isn’t really a word but I like what it stands for.  It combines the best of Competition and Cooperation. Many times we think of these words as separate but when they are [...]

I am the type of person…

I am the type of person... This past weekend I offered a 1-hour Goal Setting workshop to anyone interested in getting 2015 started off with a plan.  Everyone seemed to get some clarity on what [...]

Fight junk food cravings with your eyes closed

Here is a great article by one of our clients and future trainers Diane Metz.Did you know the smell of freshly baked brownies is more potent ­­‒ and physiologically harder to resist ­­‒after a night [...]

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