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Are you addicted to your chaos? Do things continually come up that you didn’t expect and you have to take care of them immediately? I know in my business chaos is something I struggle with everyday. I do my best to stick with my daily plan but things/“chaos” shows up and I regularly get distracted from my projects/tasks. Below are a few strategies I have used that  dramatically help me control my chaos that I thought might help you control the chaos at work, at home, or for life in general. Some of you may have your own strategies.  If you have some good strategies please reply to this post.  Congrats to you!

Chunk it!
I don’t mean throw anything out. Chunk your time in 50 minute blocks. Set 50 minutes for your current task and throw everything you have into that project. Leave 10 minutes to return phone calls/emails, get up and walk around, eat your protein snack, take some deep breaths, fill up your water bottle, etc…

Silence it and Close it
Put you phone on silence and close your email. We have become addicted to our phones and our email/facebook accounts. I am just as guilty as anyone of this one. I struggle with closing my email because I continually send emails out to people to remind them about upcoming workouts and such. It is amazing how much more I can get done when I am not distracted by an unimportant phone call and or email.

Avoid Time Vampires
You know the people I am talking about. The one’s who walk into your office or call you on the phone for no apparent reason other than they have nothing better to do than waist your time. Keep your office door shut and screen or silence your phone.

Theme Your Days
This is something I am currently working on for my business but I thought it might work in other areas as well. Create a theme for your day. For instance Monday’s are all about my Boot Camps. So the only things I will work on today other than training clients will be related to my Boot Camps. Everything else is just “chaos”.  Tuesdays I work on my Youth Fitness/Sports Performance part of my business. Wednesday is offline marketing etc… Creating themes for each day has definitely lead to less distractions.

Write It Out
This one may seem too obvious but I thought I would throw it in anyway.  Purchase a To Do pad.  Don’t write anything else on the pad other than your list of things to do.  Section your To Do’s into Urgent, Urgent and Important, Important, and Not Important/Not Urgent.  Stephen Covey talk’s about this strategy in his book First Things First.  I also like to have a section for emails and phone calls.

It may also help to get an hourly calendar and chunk out your day for your tasks and stick to it as best as possible.

I hope my “chaos” has given you some insight on ways you can control yours.  Let me know what you think of this post and any strategies you have to control your addition.

Yours in Performance and Fitness,

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