With the average American gaining between 3 and 7 pounds throughout the holiday season, there is a clear need to fight this weight gain. However, a second foe lurks in each holiday party, work deadline, and last minute shopping sessions: Stress.

Our minds are on high alert during the holidays, as there are more tasks to complete and more events to plan. Mental and physical fatigue go hand in hand, though we are quick to blame it on our bodies and refuse to believe that we might need a mental break more than anything.

To get the most out of the holidays, it is essential to keep our minds sharp and refreshed. Add these tips into your daily routine to help reduce stress and add enjoyment to “the most wonderful time of the year.”

Eat Until You Are 80% Full—When you notice you are 80% full, put down the fork and put away the food. 

It takes our stomachs 30 minutes to signal toour brains that we are full, so eating until 80% full will ensure you don’t overeat.

It helpsto eat slowly, which is a challenge during this busy time of year, but as you will see, eating slowly can calm your nerves and help you relax—all while helping you reach your goals faster.

If you reach 80% fullness before all the food is gone, stop eating. If you are still hungry after you have portioned out your meals, eat more protein or produce until you become 80% full.

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