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Founder Pinnacle Performance & Fitness and Xpress Metabolic Boot Camps

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Adam Farrell, M.S. , CSCS YFS has been at the forefront of innovation with the development and introduction of life changing programs for recreation, fitness, and athletics in Corpus Christi since 1998.

Creating and implementing the first (and still running) Employee Wellness Program for Texas A & M University Corpus Christi has fueled the passion Adam has for creating increased metabolism, mobility, strength and endurance for his clients in a fun, safe environment.

Adam has his BS in Kinesiology and a Master of Science Education from Texas A & M University Corpus Christi.  He has continued his education by attaining the prestigious ranks of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from National Strength and Conditioning Association, Certified Master Fitness Specialist from Cooper Institute in Dallas, and Certified Youth Fitness Specialist from the International Youth Conditioning Association.

As the visionary owner of Pinnacle Performance and Fitness, the only sport performance enhancement facility in Corpus Christi, Adam developed the solutions that fill the need to help reduce athlete injury while increasing athletic ability.  He was the first to create and implement outdoor fitness boot camps in the area, bringing a new perspective to individuals and groups seeking increased health and fitness while decreasing illness, pain, and body fat.

Adam is using the world’s first audio digital interval technology at on-site workplace fitness programs that offer no workplace disruption and no gym needed.

Adam continues to help individuals and groups to overcome their obstacles and proceed more quickly to achieving their health and fitness goals.

I look forward to meeting you and creating a lasting friendship.  Please contact us at your earliest convenience.  361-985-0631 or via email info@pinnacle-cc.com.

Pinnacle Performance and Fitness is located at Taylor Center 3636 S. Alameda Suite L Corpus Christi, TX 78411